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We focus on issues that protect democracy and improve peopleā€™s lives.

Democracy North Carolina has identified a set of core issues that directly affect the health of our stateā€™s democracy and have a profound impact on peopleā€™s lives. This section outlines the core issues that concern us.

Our top concerns includeĀ money in politicsĀ (which we address, in part, by advocating forĀ voter-owned elections),Ā ethics reform,Ā voting and voter rightsĀ and encouraging greaterĀ citizen participationĀ in our government. Within each of these issue areas, we conductĀ original researchĀ and use ourĀ advocacyĀ andĀ community organizingĀ skills to win new government policies that bring us closer to our ideal of a state government of, for and by the people of NC .

If you would like to know more about our top concerns and how they affect your life, please explore this section using the submenu at right or the links above. If you would like to help us promote one or more of these issues:

Because we are nonpartisan, we are often invited to speak in front of schools, civic groups and faith communities.