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Our Mission

To strengthen democratic structures, build power among disenfranchised communities, and inspire confidence in a transformed political process that works for all.

Our Vision

  • Our state’s democratic structures and policies are a national model, ensuring voting access and fair representation for every North Carolinian— especially the Black, brown, and low-wealth people who have been the targets of voter suppression.
  • Existing and emerging community activists, leaders, coalitions, and partners work together to strategically build power and expand participation.
  • People believe that true democracy is possible and worth the work.

Our Values


  • We value equity as both the foundational principle that embodies the outcomes we seek to produce and the process by which we work to achieve them.
  • We believe that inclusive collaboration respects all voices but specifically lifts up those who have been historically marginalized.
  • We believe that dismantling systemic racism and white supremacy benefits all individuals and communities.


  • We believe that leaders build power for others, not themselves.
  • We seek to be a trusted partner in building community-level power across all lines, including class, race, and generation.
  • We value the expertise that people have in their own communities, and will adapt our role to ensure they thrive as leaders.


  • We believe in leading with the heart first. All of the work we do is to better the day-to-day lives of all North Carolinians.
  • We recognize that we must listen and learn from others, and we seek continuous improvement and growth as an organization.
  • We believe that communities and individuals must build and exercise power with humility and understanding.


  • We believe in standing up for our principles and communities, and for pursuing our particular work in service of a just and equitable democracy.
  • We believe in building the trust and ability of our staff, advocates, supporters, partners, and the general public by exchanging knowledge, creating shared experiences, and practicing transparency.
  • We are accountable to each other, the communities we serve, and we hold elected officials accountable to those we serve.

A Statement from Our Directors

A significant group of our incredible staff is unionizing. We support them in these efforts and we are moving forward in the process in good faith.

We believe a union is directly in line with Democracy NC’s vision and mission, as outlined above – one rooted in equity, community-based leadership, empathy, and bold action. We recognize the importance of standing up for principles and people, in and outside of our organization. There has always been a strong pro-worker movement here in North Carolina. Unions, which have a long and rich history nationwide, help democratize leadership, foster inclusive collaboration that recognizes all voices, and expand input into decision making. When a union is officially in place for the Democracy North Carolina staff, we believe it will further our goal of pursuing a just and equitable democracy of, by, and for the people.