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We all pay the price for a political system dominated by big money.

Over the past 30 years, the skyrocketing cost of running for office has made it far too easy for special interests with big money to manipulate election outcomes and influence public policies. When a political system is twisted to serve those who can pay the most, the ripple effect is profound. It hurts democracy on every level, with the people of North Carolina ultimately paying the price when public policies, fees, inferior services and lost tax revenues end up taking money out of our pockets.

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What We’re Doing About It

For over three decades, Democracy North Carolina and our predecessor organizations have been following the role big money plays in who gets elected to office and how public policy is decided in NC. Our research proves that the problem is real – but it also demonstrates effective ways to fight the negative effects of a big money-based democracy. With help from advocates like you, we:

  • Advocate for Voter-Owned Elections as a proven tool for returning control of our political system to voters.
  • Educate the public on the problem of money in politics and ways to take action
  • Track donations to statewide and local candidates so that citizens know which special interests, if any, have backed a candidate.
  • Expose corruption and other abuses of our political system, then advocate for needed reform.
  • Train constituents how to advocate for their issues and use their power to counteract the power of dollars.

There are many things you can do to fight the impact of big money in politics: