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Get Involved, Get A Grant!

Do you work with a nonprofit service provider that wants to get involved with helping voters in this important election year? The Nonprofit Voter Engagement Program (NPVE) is a nonpartisan initiative of Democracy North Carolina to engage, support, and evaluate the role of nonprofit service providers doing voter engagement.

Interested in applying to the next NPVE cycle? Click the link below!

Sign up for the next Nonprofit Voter Engagement Grant Cycle

Interested in applying for an NPVE grant in 2024? Fill out this form and we'll be in touch when the application goes live!

How Democracy North Carolina Can Help

We can provide training, voter education materials, and up-to-date information on election laws, as well as partner with you to mobilize voters and brainstorm and strategize how to tailor a voter engagement plan to fit your organization.

Your Agency Can Make a Real Difference

A 2018 study conducted by Nonprofit VOTE shows that nonprofit service providers were able to increase voter turnout among their clients by 4%, just by helping them register and reminding them to vote. Most exciting, nonprofits were particularly effective at mobilizing less-likely voters, like voters under 30, low-income voters, and Latino voters.

But we’re a non-political nonprofit. Can we do that?

Nonprofit agencies can do a lot to increase voter participation and still be nonpartisan and abide by IRS restrictions. Nonprofit voter engagement do’s and don’ts include:

DO engage in nonpartisan voter outreach, education, and mobilization strategies:

  • Register your clients and staff to vote.
  • Educate your clients and staff about the mechanics of voting, election laws, and the candidates. Provide information about issues on the ballot using nonpartisan educational materials or events. (Check out some of our great, nonpartisan resources.)
  • Remind your clients and staff about early voting dates and sites, organize rides to the polls, or organize a phone bank to urge your clients/staff to vote. On Election Day, make sure that your staff has time to vote and remind people to go vote by posting signs and posters in your lobby.

DON’T engage in partisan activity:

  • Do not support or oppose specific candidates or a political party. This includes fundraising for candidates or parties, making a political contribution as a nonprofit organization to a campaign, party, or PAC, or allowing a candidate access to your facility or mailing list.
  • Do not provide partisan literature or links on your agency’s website to a campaign or party website.