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Democracy North Carolina is growing.

Working at Democracy North Carolina means you are part of a highly inclusive team focused on achieving short-term results that bring about long-term change. We are headquartered right outside of Durham and have staff who live and work in cities across the state. Democracy North Carolina is an equal opportunity employer that goes well beyond the requirements of the law to maintain a talented and diverse staff.

Executive Leadership

Today, our democracy faces sustained and profound threats, including structural suppression, apathy and misinformation, deep mistrust, and ongoing white supremacy. These challenges demand transformative change and skilled, experienced, and visionary leadership for the future.

Throughout the decades, Democracy North Carolina played a crucial role in fighting sustained attacks on voting rights and fair representation: suppressive legislation, shameless gerrymandering, and the loss of critical federal protections against disenfranchisement. Democracy North Carolina’s subject-matter expertise, grassroots organizing, and communications capacity continue to make a difference across the state.

North Carolina endured a challenging presidential election in 2020 – our state’s voters and political system persevered through continued threats to voting access, attacks on free and fair elections, and the challenges of a global pandemic. Despite these and other unprecedented obstacles, the organization succeeded in reducing barriers to the ballot and helping voters overcome any barriers which remained.

Position Background

As we continue to experience significant growth as an organization, while building upon our unique strengths, we are conducting a search for an experienced and visionary Executive Leadership team. Given the ever-changing and most recent issues facing our world and organization, we have decided to be flexible in considering the best leadership structure.

We anticipate hiring two new leaders, who may be either a Co-Director team or an Executive Director and Deputy Director. 

A strategic mindset and collaborative leadership style is essential for these positions. Fostering effective relationships between the board, coalition partners, all other organization stakeholders and local affiliates plus acting as spokespersons for Democracy NC — with the media, policy makers, partners and supporters—are core aspects of these roles for which Democracy NC also encourages teams to apply for together.

Also critical to these roles are the ability to think strategically, be hands-on with a commitment to moral leadership and integrity, and be values-driven, deeply rooted in the principles of grassroots organizing and the belief that democracy should be protected and accessible by all.

Applicants are invited to articulate how they will – individually or as a pair:

  • Fulfill the responsibilities outlined below, and
  • Bring the needed qualifications/capabilities.

The ideal candidate(s) will also have:

  • A deep commitment to social and racial justice advocacy,
  • Grassroots community organizing experience building power in both urban and rural areas, and
  • An advanced degree in a relevant field or an equivalent combination of education and work experience.

How to Apply

For consideration, interested candidates must submit a cover letter, resume and a completed application. Cover letters must address candidate experience and qualifications being sought.

Interested parties are encouraged to apply immediately by clicking here!

Executive Leadership

Review the full position description(s) here


Democracy North Carolina occasionally engages area students in semester-long projects or other internships. As a nonpartisan, non-profit organization, we qualify for inclusion on most college community service lists. We can help you explore the possibility of earning community service or class credits for interning with us. For inquiries in specific departments, please contact the appropriate staff member.

You can sign up to receive email notifications about job openings at Democracy NC here.