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Improve Elections in Your County

Monitor Elections-Related County Meetings 

Elections Advocates attend, document, and advocate at local meetings where decisions around funding and planning for the elections in that county are decided. They work to protect democracy and defend voter freedoms for every North Carolinian, no matter the political stripe.

Volunteer Position Description

Read what it's like to be an Elections Advocate, and everything we accomplished together last year!

Elections oversight means:

  • Monitoring the actions of your county board of elections and election funding by your county commission.
  • Attending monthly board of elections and commission meetings.
  • Making calls to gather information from county elections staff.
  • Developing relationships with county board of elections members and commissioners.
  • Raising our voices in support of good election budgets and voting options.

We provide everything you need to prepare you to be an Elections Advocate, including:

From there, we can work directly with you to ensure North Carolinians have access to safe in-person voting, a smooth vote-by-mail experience, and eliminate any barriers to voting.

NOTE: Due to COVID, no monitors are required to attend in-person meetings or events. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Be an Elections Advocate!

Learn about how YOU can become an Elections Advocate and help protect elections at the local level.

Fair Funding in Your County

Annual election funding is the key to voting access in all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. Each County Board of Commissioners ensures funding is available to meet the budgetary needs identified by the County Board of Elections for your region.

View the 2024 Elections funding profiles here!

County Board of Elections Report Form

Monitoring your county BOE meetings? Let us know what happened!

Elections Funding Training 2024

Watch this training to learn about election funding advocacy efforts in 2024, including specialized training in select North Carolina counties.

General Elections Advocacy Training 2022

Watch this training to learn why and how to check in on your local County BOE to ensure that elections are being run simply, safely, & fairly.

Election Funding: Contacting Your Local Officials

Talk to your County Board of Elections Director and County Commissioners about the budgeting process and local investment in your elections.

Financiación electoral: Comuníquese con sus funcionarios locales

Hablar con el director de la Junta Electoral de su condado y con los comisionados del condado sobre el proceso presupuestario y la inversión local en sus elecciones.