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Improve Elections in Your County

Monitor Elections-related County Meetings 

This year’s elections face unique challenges. COVID-19 has not only changed the way we vote in North Carolina, but it also delayed 2020 Census data which impacted our 2021-2022 municipal elections. In 2021, we witnessed hundreds of voter roll removals, legislative attempts to change election administration rules, and new county board membership, all of which impact voters’ ability to make their voices heard.

In 2022, we must come together to monitor our local elections to not only protect democracy but to defend voter freedoms for every North Carolinian, no matter the political stripe.

Watch the training video below to get started!

Volunteer Position Description

Read what it's like to be an Elections Advocate, and everything we accomplished together last year!

Volunteer for the Post-Election “Canvass” Process

Canvass is the process of ensuring votes have been counted correctly and required audits have been completed.

In 2022, elections oversight means:

  • Monitoring the actions of your county board of elections and election funding by your county commission.
  • Attending monthly board of elections and commission meetings.
  • Making calls to gather information from county elections staff.
  • Developing relationships with county board of elections members and commissioners.
  • Raising our voices in support of good election budgets and voting options.

We provide everything you need to prepare you to be an Elections Advocate, including:

From there, we can work directly with you to ensure North Carolinians have access to safe in-person voting, a smooth vote-by-mail experience, and eliminate any barriers to voting.

NOTE: Due to COVID, no monitors are required to attend in-person meetings or events. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

General Elections Advocacy Training 2022

Watch this training to learn why and how to check in on your local County BOE to ensure that elections are being run simply, safely, & fairly.

2022 County Board of Elections Monitoring Training

Watch this training to learn why and how to check in on your local County BOE to ensure that Early Voting plans are as strong as they should be.

County Board of Elections Meetings

See a calendar of all of the CBOE meetings in your area!

County Board of Elections Report Form

Monitoring your county BOE meetings? Let us know what happened!

Understanding Election Budgets

View this explainer to learn how election budgets are made, what the funds are used for, and more!

Better Early Voting

We are advocating for strong Early Voting plans for the 2022 General Election!

Given the importance local decision-making on your county’s Early Voting plans, it is vital to have advocates like you pushing for better Early Voting in every election year. Please review the toolkit & watch the training video below to learn more about what you can do.

What’s your county’s Early Voting story?

Learn more in the Early Voting county profiles below:

Questions? For more information about how to advocate for better Early Voting Plans, please contact or call 888-OUR-VOTE.

Early Voting Advocacy Toolkit

Click here to learn what an Early Voting plan is and how you can influence your county to craft the best kind!

North Carolina’s Early Voting Sites

What's Required by Law?