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2020 elections are about so much more than the President. With an early North Carolina primary, it’s important for folks who care about voting and elections to kick off the year with good information that will engage and motivate voters in their community to vote all the way down the ballot, including state and local offices.

With our hour-long “What’s on the Ballot” trainings, you’ll get:

  • a model for sharing “What’s On the Ballot” with your networks, including an overview of 2020 races (and why you should care), including helpful handouts (available in color and B&W), a presentation guide and slides, and more,
  • the latest election rules for 2020, including the latest on the newly-blocked voter ID law (and how to talk about it), and
  • the latest on how to get involved with the 2020 elections (Early Voting advocacy, Election Protection, Events at the polls).
What's REALLY on the Ballot in 2020?

There could be dozens of races on your ballot this year. Get to know what they do at a training near you.