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We advocate for strong Early Voting plans for every election.

Given the importance local decisionmaking on your county’s Early Voting plans, it is vital to have advocates like you pushing for better Early Voting in every election year. Please review the toolkit & watch the training video to learn more about what you can do.

2022 County Board of Elections Monitoring Training

Watch this training to learn why and how to check in on your local County BOE to ensure that Early Voting plans are as strong as they should be.

How to Advocate for Early Voting Sites & Hours in Your County

Learn what an Early Voting plan is and how you can influence your county to craft the best kind!

What’s your county’s Early Voting story?

Learn more in the Early Voting county profiles below:

Questions? For more information about how to advocate for better Early Voting Plans, please contact

North Carolina's Early Voting Sites

What's required by law?