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We Have Work to Do in North Carolina

Another election has come and gone – but this does not mean that our work is over.  

Election season at Democracy NC is full of excitement – distributing voter guides, training Election Protection volunteers, deploying Board of Elections Monitors, and supporting thousands of voters who call into our 888-OUR-VOTE hotline.

But we at Democracy NC don’t have “off years”. We analyze, plan, organize, and advocate in our communities year-round, every year. We will never stop working to strengthen democratic structures and build power among historically marginalized communities. 

This year…

  • We will oppose gerrymandering and fight for fair maps in the redistricting process that ensures all voters’ voices are equally powerful.
  • We will continue our advocacy with the NC State Board of Elections & at the NC General Assembly to make voting more accessible for all citizens.
  • We will train another inspiring cohort of Democracy Summer Interns – college students who are the frontline advocates for democracy and social justice. 
  • We will use our deep analysis of 2020’s voting patterns and critical incidents at the polls as the foundation for future advocacy and voter education programs.

We need sustaining financial support to prepare the ground between election seasons. Will you consider becoming a monthly, quarterly, or annually sustaining donor so that we can count on the resources to prepare for the seasons ahead?

Become a Sustaining Donor Now

Click here to become a sustaining donor! Make sure to check the box that signals your contribution will be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
“With Democracy NC's training, I have helped monitor the activities of County Boards of Election, protected the vote at the polls, and worked the voter protection hotline. Democracy NC keeps me informed at moments when citizen advocacy is needed and they make it easy for me to take the most effective actions possible. ” –Marilyn Hartman, Democracy North Carolina Sustaining Donor & Volunteer

Our mission is sustaining and enhancing the essentials of democracy: an informed & empowered electorate, fair elections, and government accountability to the people.

To make a donation, please visit our online form. For any questions, please contact Caleb Ponton at (919) 908-7937 or email us at