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Democracy depends on the idea of “one person, one vote.” The ballot box is the one place that all of us, regardless of our age, race, gender, income or background are equal. Democracy North Carolina works to make sure our elections are fair and accessible to all eligible voters.

When elections are fair, voters are respected and every legitimate vote is counted. The United States has made great strides in voting rights over the last century. Unfortunately, some voters are still misled, become confused, or get turned away at the polls. Sometimes the cause is a lack of good information; sometimes political groups or politicians purposefully deceive people they don’t want to vote – it has happened in North Carolina.


How You Can Help

Your voting rights

Click here for a one-page list of your basic voting rights in NC. For example, if you vote with a paper ballot and mark it wrong, you can return it to the election official and receive a new ballot. (Print out this Voting Rights page and take it with you when you vote.)