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We advocate for modern electoral policies that support your right to vote.

North Carolina has been a leader in the South in electoral reforms that protect and encourage voting. Still, not every North Carolinian finds the path to the ballot box easy.  Most North Carolinians agree that voting is a responsibility and civic duty. Still, many potential voters do not fully understand the voting process or their rights. Some face barriers to participating, like lack of reliable voting information, the risk of losing wages for taking time off to vote, or childcare or transportation challenges that make voting difficult.

Democracy North Carolina has helped win electoral reforms that increase voter participation and continues to advocate for changes that make voting more accessible without compromising the integrity of our elections.

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Throughout our history, hard-won voting rights and reforms have been challenged or manipulated by politicians for partisan or personal gain. In North Carolina today, some politicians in the NC General Assembly are changing the rules to make it significantly harder to vote. Democracy NC and our partners work to ensure that your voting rights are respected. Learn more about our history of action for voting rights and beyond!