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Join the Truth Team below — and help voters make sense of dishonest online information!

With so much election and voting misinformation readily available online combined with orchestrated campaigns purposefully spreading untruths, often disinformation, mal-information and misinformation are often unwittingly shared on social media.

  • Disinformation: Information that is false and deliberately created to harm a person, social group, organization or country
  • Misinformation: Information that is false but not created with the intention of causing harm
  • Mal-information: Information that is based on reality, used to inflict harm on a person, social group, organization or country.

North Carolina voters need a “Truth Team” to help them navigate what’s real and what’s not in future elections. That’s why we need YOUR help to spot this type of election sabotage online and in your community. Help protect our democracy, now and for elections to come.

Have you spotted something? Report it now!


Submit any instance of election disinformation you see spreading online or in your community.

Join the Truth Team

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Fighting Election Disinformation in 2020

Check out North Carolina's "Truth Team" and the techniques utilized to fight 2020 election disinformation and misinformation.