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Voter Registration Form Tip Sheet (ENGLISH)

Instructions for Completing the NC VOTER REGISTRATION FORM

Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 of the form MUST be completed before it can be processed by the Board of Elections. Many, but not all, of these items are marked with red (Required). People most often leave out the check boxes at the top, Date of Birth, ID number (Section 3), and Signature & Date (Section 10).

Section 1: Begin with the first two boxes about being a citizen and being at least 18 by Election Day. Citizens who are at least 18 on the day of the General Election check both boxes. The third checkbox is to pre-register 16 and 17-year olds. Enter the pre-registrant’s DOB on the appropriate line, and their registration will be processed once they turn 18.

Section 2: Ask people to print their name as it appears on the Driver’s License or Social Security Card referred to in Section 3. This will make the matching (verification) process go more smoothly.

Section 3: Ideally, list the person’s NC Driver’s License or NC state ID card number here. The last 4 numbers of their Social Security Number also works. If someone does not have either, they can still register, but they will be asked to show a form of photo ID when they first go to vote. Date of Birth may appear in this section or in Section 2, depending on which form you’re using. Either way be sure to get it on the form. The County and State of Birth are optional.

Section 4: This must be a street address, not a PO Box number. Include any apartment number.

Section 5: Give a mailing address if the mail is not delivered at the address in Section 4 or if the voter uses a different permanent address (like a student or member of the military).

Section 6: Filling in Gender, Race and Ethnicity helps monitor the election process to ensure that it is not biased against any class of voters. These items are optional.

Section 7: If a party is not marked, the Elections Board will list the voter as “Unaffiliated.” In NC, Unaffiliated voters are allowed to vote in the Primary election of either political party.

Section 8: Use this section to cancel a previous registration. Some people can’t remember all parts of their previous address, but at least list the county where they were registered.

Section 9: Ask everyone for their phone number; it is used by the Board of Elections to call the registrant about missing information.

Section 10: “I attest:” The registrant must personally sign/date the form after reading the items. (Someone convicted of a felony anywhere can register in North Carolina after finishing his or her sentence, including probation, post-release supervision, and parole.)

What should I do with the completed forms?

Deliver or mail the forms to the County Board of Elections office within 7 days of completion and at least 25 days before the next election. Turn in all of the forms, even if some sections are not completed.

Updated July 2023.

Download instructions on how to complete and submit your voter registration form. (English)

(Updated July 2023)
This one-page handout includes a section-by-section guide to completing and then submitting your NC voter registration form.