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Voter Intimidation: Know Your Rights


As recently as February 2022 in Brunswick County, N.C., people posing as “volunteers” have come to NC voters’ homes asking questions about their voter registration and their 2020 voting records. These groups may be targeting older voters and Black voters who voted via absentee ballot in 2020. They are not election officials.

Voter Intimidation: Know Your Rights

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You are never obligated to answer your door or let someone into your home. Only a law enforcement officer with a valid warrant may demand to enter your home.

County and State Board of Elections officials will never come to your home to “verify” your voter registration.

In a rare circumstance, a legitimate NC State Board of Elections (NCSBE) investigator may come to your home as part of an investigation, but they will offer or provide identification on request showing that they work for the Board of Elections. You always have the right to ask for this identification before answering any questions, and you can always decline to answer any questions even from an NCSBE investigator.

If you choose to answer your door, ask the person to verify their name and their organization, and consider making a video recording. If they don’t give you a clear answer, ask them for a number where you can call them to learn more about their group.

During the election season, you may receive visits from people canvassing for candidates, causes, or to register voters. A canvasser who is simply offering assistance or information will always identify themselves clearly right away often by wearing a t-shirt or button with their organization-and will not pressure you to share any personal information.

Under any circumstances, you have the right to refuse to answer any questions, even from law enforcement.

If someone pressures you to share information, that is a red flag. Ask to speak with an attorney first.

Voter intimidation is a crime.

If you are harassed or intimidated related to your right to vote, or if you believe you have received misinformation intended to discourage you from voting, make a report to the State Board of Elections at 919-814-0700 and the NC nonpartisan election hotline at 888-OUR-VOTE. Also, make a report to your County Board of Elections (look up contact info at HTTPS://VT.NCSBE.GOV/BOEINFO/).