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Online Voter Registration QR Code Resource

Register Online

Online Voter Registration is available now through the NC DMV website to any eligible voter with a North Carolina driver’s license or DMV-issued ID card.

To register online, follow these five steps or watch the HOW-TO VIDEO

(2) Select Continue as a guest. 
(3) Click Submit a voter registration application. 
(4) Enter your North Carolina Driver License or DMV-issued ID Card number, Social Security number (SSN), and date of birth.
(5) You can register to vote, update your address, or change party affiliation. Updated information ONLY applies to your voter registration, not your ID — meaning you can register to vote at your current residence and it does not need to match the address on your current ID.

⚠️The online platform does not not allow users to make a name change.

👉🏾If you DO NOT have a NC license or ID card or wish to make a name change, complete and RETURN THE REGISTRATION APPLICATION to YOUR COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTION OFFICE (more on that below).

OVR QR Code Quarter-pager

Print this this resource for hands-free opportunities to help others register online.