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Impact Report 2023: A Year of Resilience for NC Voters!

In a new era of restrictions, Democracy North Carolina remained committed to protecting the freedom to vote.

During the 2023 municipal elections, Democracy North Carolina contacted over 250 provisional voters who needed to cure their ballots due to issues related to Voter ID.

One caller reported that his mother, a 95-year-old voter who cast a provisional ballot, was not offered an ID exception form after they had misplaced their ID due to memory loss issues. The poll worker did not inform the voter that they could obtain a free Voter ID from the county board of elections.

“That’s voter suppression,” the voter’s son shared. “We weren’t told about an exception form. Now they’re penalizing her.”

Her son, who was assisting her while at the voting precinct, named a glaring truth of how quickly our voter freedoms can be taken away and how innocent voters have been penalized by the NCGA’s unconstitutional and racially-motivated Voter ID law. This voter was denied her fundamental right to vote due to a lost Voter ID and the lack of guidance on available exceptions.

“Every time I turn around, the voting areas and precincts change, leaving people like my mother in disarray… we need stability and clarity, not just for my mother, but for every voter out there.

2023 Impact Report

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Informe sobre nuestro impacto en 2023