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Guide to Reviewing Campaign Finance Reports

Go to for each of these searches


STEP 1:  Choose “1.  Search by committee/entity”  (Options 2. and 3. are explained below)

STEP 2:  Type in just part of the name of a candidate, PAC or party to get a list of committees with that name. Then choose the committee you want and click.  Note the abbreviations at bottom of the screen for party entities, e.g., REC = Republican Exec Committee.

STEP 3:  By clicking on a name, you get a list of reports.  Recent reports are filed electronically and viewable by clicking on DATA. Some reports may be only PDF files to view (“IMAGE”).

STEP 4:  Click on DATA in order to see parts of the report (summary, receipts, expenditures, etc.)  Click on a section. Then click on “Export data to .CSV” to dump the contents into an Excel file.

Click on DOWNLOAD below to see more details


Records entered into DATA (see above) are searchable on some fields, such as a donor’s name or a candidate. To use this feature, choose option “3. Search reported transactions” or go to CAUTION: Records go back to 1989 but many disclosure reports were never entered into DATA so are not in the Searchable database.

Click on DOWNLOAD below to see more details


Use “2. Search by document type” to view Independent Expenditure and Electioneering Committee reports, Penalty Documents, etc.: scroll down Document Type, check boxes and then Search. Enter Year of report filing deadline at top (or year before & after in case


Go to for their donors and other info.

Questions? Call the State Board of Elections at 919-814-0700 and ask for Campaign Finance

How to View Campaign Disclosure Reports (2023)

Download a basic guide to view campaign disclosure reports on the N.C. State Board of Elections website.