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A Brief History of Voter Suppression in NC

Democracy in the United States was built on the promise that voting can be a tool for change. However, that promise has not been fulfilled for everyone.

Restrictive laws, insincere state officials, and uninformed residents have created an environment that undermines the votes and representation of Black, Latiné, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Indigenous people. This combination is what’s known as voter suppression.

White supremacy and preventing the rise of power for Black communities is central to the motive and success of voter suppression. When we learn about our history and name voter suppression together, we can transform the right to vote for all.

Click below to read about the insidious laws and practices that were and are in effect most specifically from the late 1800s to today.

A Brief History of Voter Suppression

Click here to read our condensed timeline of Voter Suppression and how it affects us through today.