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Two years after Jan. 6, the insurrection continues to reveal its impact at all levels of government

MORRISVILLE, NC (1/6/2023) — Today, January 6, 2023, marks two years since the violent and deadly attack on the United States Capitol by armed white supremacists.

After both a historic and tumultuous election season, the aftermath of the insurrection continues to reveal itself two years on, whether in the January 6 committee hearings – themselves under unnecessary scrutiny by right-wing extremists – or the current uncertainty and stalemate prevailing in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Those who took direct and deliberate aim at our nation on this day two years ago continue to show just how far they will go to disrupt our government and attempt to instill white supremacist values in our governing bodies. Let this day serve as a reminder to all of us that defending our democracy is a constant act,” said Cheryl Carter, Co-Executive Director of Democracy North Carolina. “For the first time in 100 years, the U.S. House has failed to elect a speaker on the first ballot – not to mention the tenth, eleventh, and so on – due to disruptors aiming to take control of congress. This is all proof that we cannot be complacent in our fight to protect democracy. It’s only when we grow weary or accept a ‘new normal’ for our nation that anti-democratic forces can creep in and attack the right to fair representation. As we did one year ago today, and as we shall do in the years ahead, we observe Jan. 6 as a reminder that voters decide the outcomes of elections. We must continue our work to demand action from our leaders to protect the freedom to vote, refute lies and disinformation, and stand together in demanding accountability at all levels of government.”


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