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North Carolinians March Against Gerrymandering in Raleigh

More than 100 protesters marched in silence in opposition to GOP-drawn voting maps in Raleigh on Oct. 4, 2017.

The march, led by Concord-based grassroots group Citizens in Action NC, ended at the North Carolina General Assembly where activists called on legislative leaders to end gerrymandering, including plans to redraw judicial voting maps for partisan gain.

The following day, judicial gerrymandering bill (HB717) cleared the N.C. House. House Bill 717 passed the chamber 69-43, but it will likely be months before it moves any further.

The Senate left town hours before the House finished its debate. Leadership from that chamber said they won’t be voting on bills again until January. If approved, judicial redistricting could cost taxpayers nearly $32 million over the next five years.

Tell your senators to oppose judicial gerrymandering at


"Stolen Votes, Silenced Voters:" A Protest Against Gerrymandering in NC

Over 100 citizens marched to the NC legislature to protest against gerrymandering and to demand fair voting maps.