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N.C. Board of Elections Takes Public Input on Rulemaking



The N.C. State Board of Elections is seeking public comments through July 31, 2017 on dozens of draft rules that affect various aspects of election administration. Some of the draft rules are completely new, others are existing rules up for review with no change, but all of them provide the opportunity for you to weigh in on how North Carolina’s election system works.

We’re making it easy to email the State Board with good recommendations now.

Have Your Say on Rules Impacting North Carolina Voters

This is your opportunity for you to weigh in on how North Carolina’s election system works. Encourage others to do so at

Robert Chadwick was accused of double voting...because he has the same name as his father.

Robert Chadwick of Raleigh was falsely accused of voter fraud because his father, who voted in Maryland, has the same name. He fought back by joining others to speak directly with the N.C. Board of Elections about the problems and working for changes to election rules. Now you can weigh in too on the same rule that would make what they did to Robert and others more difficult at

Bill Hughes was falsely accused of voter fraud. Just like his wife.

Bill Hughes of Pinehurst and his wife Anne were both falsely accused of voter fraud in 2016. Bill and Anne spoke out to change election rules so that it would be harder for others to be wrongfully accused of the same thing. Bill is now encouraging other North Carolina voters to step up and make their voices heard.

Some of the important draft rules up for review:

  • clarify the role of partisan election observers, including consequences for observers who break the rules;
  • establish uniform standards for access and assistance at voting sites, including curbside voting for disabled voters;
  • change the Election Protest form to prevent the abuses we saw following the 2016 election by requiring the protestor to certify that the facts alleged are true and accurate and forcing attorneys to disclose any involvement in filing protests.

Some of our recommendations for positive changes that you can share directly with the State Board are in the form above, but please feel free to personalize your message in support of policies and procedures that improve our elections system.

To send your comments, visit now.