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Statewide Advocates Call | 10.21.21

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2021 is not an “off year” for our democracy efforts. We’ve been working year-round to ensure bad actors don’t divide and distract us from our goal of creating a government that’s of, by, and for the people. Throughout Democracy NC’s history, we’ve fought to ensure more North Carolinians have our right to vote honored and protected. To move forward together, we must re-commit to this promise and help every community member cast a free and fair ballot to confidently elect leaders who govern in our interests.

You’re invited to join Democracy North Carolina’s leadership as we share the latest on:

  • Municipal Elections – How we’re equipping voters with information needed to access a free and fair ballot.
  • Community Districting – Our fair maps fight and how to accurately represent all communities of interest from across the state.

WHAT: Statewide Advocates Call October 2021
WHEN: Thursday, October 21, 2021 6:00 PM –  7:30 PM ET
WHERE: This meeting will be held virtually. When you RSVP below, you’ll receive the information needed to join the meeting online or by phone.

Questions about the virtual event? Contact Joselle Torres at

What is the Statewide Advocates Call?  Our statewide advocates call brings together organizational representatives and individuals who agree to work together to change and use the political system so it equips people to take action, promotes grassroots leadership, and serves “the good of the whole.” We want an elections process that is accessible, fair, and secure. And we want a government “of, by, and for the people,” that fosters equity, solidarity, and justice.


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