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6.9.2020 | Early Voting Advocacy Opportunity | Cumberland County

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Now’s the time to fight for safe and secure voting options this fall.

Counties have been asked to provide their 2020 General Election Early Voting plans to the N.C. State Board of Elections in July.

As a result, the Cumberland County Board of Elections may discuss the county’s Early Voting hours and locations at their next meeting, coming up on¬†Tuesday, June 9, at 1¬†p.m.¬†Due to COVID-19, the meeting will be held online¬†and the public will be allowed to listen in, and we need your help to know what their plan is!¬†You can watch the meeting here.

Given the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, without a robust Early Voting plan, lines at the polls could be longer than usual, deterring voter participation and potentially endangering voters’ health. Strong Early Voting plans, with weekend voting hours and sites that work for your community, are the key to making sure this year’s elections run more smoothly.

Take special not of the things we want to make sure they don’t leave out:

  • a convenient voting location¬†for young voters¬†in the surrounding community;
  • good satellite voting locations that can serve underrepresented voters, including communities of color;
  • robust weekend hours over the 17-day period to help working voters and curb long lines, including multiple Saturdays; and
  • where possible, larger voting centers¬†that will allow voters and poll workers¬†to safely distance.

To help, we’ve put together a handy¬†Early Voting Advocacy Toolkit¬†and¬†Early Voting Advocacy Report Form¬†so that you can get even more valuable information on how¬†to advocate for good voting options and let us know how the meeting¬†went. Call the Cumberland County Board of Elections¬†to confirm the meeting¬†at 910-678-7733.

Please¬†let us know below that you’ll participate in the June 9 Cumberland County¬†Board of Elections meeting.


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