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Can you tell us about your career path since completing your Democracy Summer internship?

At Democracy NC, I learned that activism, organizing, and social justice do not just have to be a hobby. You can do this work as a career. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Public Administration, and my Master’s degree in Student Affairs, Higher Education. Democracy NC gave me the tools, skills, and knowledge to understand how to navigate different spaces in higher education and be an advocate for my community. I have learned so much from Democracy NC about how to be a better professional and how to work alongside students.

Which accomplishment from your internship are you most proud of?

Built By Us is a podcast that I was tasked with creating back in 2019. It started as a way to promote political education and North Carolina politics. Then it grew into a way to engage everyday changemakers from across the state. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many people through the podcast and have learned so many new perspectives. I think it’s really important for people to hear all the different ways that you can make a difference and that North Carolina is actually “built by us.” Now, three seasons in, we have over 12,000 listeners who have downloaded the podcast.

How did Democracy Summer shape your activism?

Democracy NC taught me that anyone can do this work. During the program, I learned about the history of voter suppression in North Carolina, and that there had been students in the past organizing around these issues. I saw the work that happened before my generation and now I feel like I get to be a part of this same history!

To learn more about Democracy Summer, please visit: or call us at (919) 286-6000.