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In 2018, a record number of women are running for office, including many women of color. Inspired by these candidates and the issues they care about, record numbers of women are also planning to take their power to the polls this fall. Join the Democracy North Carolina’s 2018 Women’s Voter Campaign and be a part of local events and actions that harness that power to help you and your organization build a government truly of, by, and for all people.

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North Carolina women will be taking their power to the polls in 2018.

North Carolina women are heading to the polls in 2018 like never before.

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Sign our pledge to be recognized as a Women's Voter Crusade Partner in 2018.

Becoming a Women’s Voter Campaign Partner means you and your group or organization have a menu of options to choose from to help North Carolina women cast a ballot this fall. Start by taking the Women’s Voter Campaign pledge — and let us know you’re with us — and then take your your pick from the menu of options below.