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Forsyth County Commissioners include: Chairman David Plyer, Vice Chairman Don Martin, Fleming El-Amin, Ted Kaplan, Richard Linville, Gloria Whisenhunt, and Everette Witherspoon.

In response to possible legislation that would drastically change the way Forsyth County (and all of North Carolina) picks judges, we’ve learned that some members of the Forsyth County Commission are ready to add Forsyth County to a growing list of local governments that have proposed resolutions calling out these changes.

But they need our help. Our County Commissioners meet soon and we need to make sure they know we SUPPORT a Forsyth County resolution that takes a strong stand against legislative proposals that would:

  • gerrymander our judicial districts,
  • limit terms of judges we just elected, and
  • possibly eliminate judicial elections altogether!

Click here to contact our Forsyth County Commissioners and tell them to vote “YES” on a resolution opposing the N.C. General Assembly’s judicial changes.

Sample Subject:
I Support a County Resolution Opposing the N.C. Legislature’s Judicial Changes

Sample Message:

Lawmakers have already proposed multiple versions of a judicial gerrymandering bill that would impact Forsyth County’s judges and voters’ political power, and even canceled our 2018 judicial primary with threats to eliminate judicial elections altogether. As a result, there has been widespread opposition from judges, attorneys, advocates, and the community to making such sweeping changes without thorough study and complete transparency.

As the N.C. General Assembly prepares to reconvene in May to take up these and other unfair proposals, Forsyth County needs to follow the lead of other counties like Beaufort, Davidson, Durham, Nash, and Pitt, and make it clear that our county rejects these rash judicial attacks and supports independent and impartial courts in North Carolina. As a Forsyth County resident, can I count on you to support this resolution? Thank you.

You can also make your voice heard by calling your Commissioners directly:

Chairman David Plyer

Vice Chairman Don Martin

Fleming El-Amin

Ted Kaplan

Richard Linville

Gloria Whisenhunt

Everette Witherspoon

Let’s help add Forsyth County to the list of counties fighting for Fair Courts in North Carolina!