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Democracy NC Joins National Call on Senate Majority Leader to Not Allow Filibuster to Block For the People Act

Washington, DC (4/09/21) —  On Friday April 9, Democracy North Carolina joined nearly 150 groups representing millions of advocates across the county to send Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer a letter calling on him to eliminate the filibuster and pass the For the People Act. In the letter, it was highlighted how the filibuster historically has been a tool that has blocked progress on civil and voting rights bills, and cited President Obama’s call to eliminate the “Jim Crow relic.” The letter also connects dots between voter suppression bills moving across the country, such as the “Election Integrity Act” S-326 filed right here in North Carolina, and the need to move quickly on the For the People Act to prevent these racist practices from eroding our democracy.

Key excerpts from the letter:

“Now that the American Rescue Act is signed into law and delivering benefits to workers, families, and communities, we urge the Senate Democratic majority, under your leadership, to move quickly to address another major crisis facing our nation by passing S.1, the For the People Act. And to make sure that can get done, we call on you to eliminate the filibuster as a weapon that a minority of senators can use to overturn the will of the majority and prevent the For the People Act from even getting an up-or-down vote.”

“…we know that if Minority Leader McConnell can use the filibuster as a weapon to keep our democracy rigged and prevent President Biden and Senate Democrats from delivering on their promises, then the For the People Act is unlikely to become law.”

“Senate Democrats will soon face a choice: Protect our democracy and pass the For the People Act, or protect the filibuster – an outdated and abused ‘Jim Crow relic’ that deserves to be tossed into the dustbin of history. We strongly urge you and the Senate Democratic caucus to do the right thing and not allow the filibuster to once again stand in the way of civil rights, voting rights, racial justice, and the strengthening of our democracy.”


Make your voice heard to ensure this once-in-a-generation pro-democracy package passes in the Senate! 


Tell Tillis and Burr to Pass the For the People Act!


Washington, DC (3/16/21) —On Wednesday March 16, the For the People Act was introduced in the U.S. Senate as S.1, indicating this legislation is a top priority for this session.

This pro-democracy package will protect and strengthen our sacred right to vote, especially in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, combat corruption by passing pro-ethics measures to hold our elected leaders accountable, and end the dominance of big money in politics so the people’s voice can be heard.

The For the People Act is our pathway to a fully functioning democracy—one where all voices can be heard; where the public interest, not special interests, guide decision-making; and where the people can put faith in their leaders to do the right thing for the country.

This historic pro-democracy package will modernize our voter registration system to include automatic and online voter registration, curb the practice of removing people from voter rolls if they miss voting in recent elections, and restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated people who have served their time, ensuring no person permanently loses their right to vote.

The For the People Act will: 

Make Voting Simpler, Safer and Fairer

  • Automatically register voters through the state DMV or other social agencies.
  • Restore voting rights to those previously incarcerated immediately upon release.
  • Curb the act of removing voters from the rolls just for missing recent elections.

Get Big Money Out of Politics

  • Support the overturning of Citizens United.
  • Create a federal donor matching system for congressional elections.
  • Encourage ordinary people, particularly women and people of color, to run for office without relying on corporate donations.

Hold Elected Leaders Accountable

  • Ban racist and partisan gerrymandering through the establishment of Independent Redistricting Commissions.
  • Instate a code of ethics for the United States Supreme Court.
  • Require all major federal candidates disclose their tax returns.

It’s time for our Congress to pass and sign the For the People Act into law. This bold pro-democracy package will heal our country and build a more just, fair, and inclusive democratic society.

Tell NC Senators Tillis and Burr to act swiftly and pass the For the People Act in the Senate, ensuring every person has the freedom to vote.