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What’s on the Municipal Ballot in 2023?

No matter your issue or what you care about, YOU will find it on YOUR ballot in 2023

Depending on your city: September 12 (Primary), October 10 or November 7, 2023

The more you know about the races on your ballot — the less you leave blank. Take your time, mark your choices in EVERY race in your area, and encourage others to do the same. Learn more about what’s on your ballot at

"What's on the Municipal Ballot" in 2023 (color)

Learn what local positions are up and what's at stake this year!

"What's on the Municipal Ballot" in 2023 (Black & White)

Your Local Elected Officials touch your everyday lives more than federal representatives. Engaging at all levels of our democracy can help break the tangle of oppressive practices and policies. Think your vote doesn’t matter? See what’s on the ballot in 2023, and think again.

Races that will be on the ballot in 2023:

Oversee the general administration of day-to-day city operations, including police & fire departments, arts & parks, local taxes, economic development, water & sewer management, and zoning. They hire the City Manager and prepare the annual budget.

Local school boards were the explicit targets of multiple bills during the 2023 legislative session as lawmakers attempted to instill formally partisan values into the education system, showing the importance of these boards. They decide where kids go to school, classroom sizes, and even what textbooks are used.

Commissioners and trustees work to protect clean water, address sanitary and sewer concerns, and make sure utilities run smoothly.

Find your ballot, check your registration, and see your voting precinct at Problems or questions? Call 888-OUR-VOTE

ONE PERSON can determine the outcome of an election.

In 2021, ONE VOTE made the difference in more than 30 municipal ELECTIONS here in NC!