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Keep Calm & Vote Early Flyer


You Can Vote Early In-Person or By Mail

Keep Calm & Vote Early

Download our half-sheet flyer for tips on voting early - in-person or by mail!

You Can Vote Early In-Person

Vote early to protect your health and your vote.

DATES: Thursday, Oct. 15, through Saturday, Oct. 31, at 3PM

  • Vote in October. NC’s 17-day one-stop in-person Early Voting period kicks off Oct. 15 and runs through Halloween, Oct. 31. Sites will offer masks, sanitization, single-use pens, and more. Get ready by reviewing your sample ballot and nonpartisan voting guides at
  • Register and vote at the same time. An Early Voting site in your county is the only place you can register AND vote on the same day. Arrive prepared to show a document with a name and address like a pay stub, utility bill, or student ID with a school document showing your address.
  • More sites, hours, & weekends in 2020. To ensure more social distancing, counties will offer more sites and weekend options during Early Voting this year. Find your options at
  • Avoid bad weather and voting problems. From hurricanes to voter registration issues, challenges can arise when trying to vote on
    Election Day (Nov. 3). Avoid the unexpected by taking advantage of Early Voting.

PRO-TIP: Lines are usually shortest during the first week of Early Voting. Take advantage.

Got questions? Visit or call 888-OUR-VOTE (888-687-8683)

You Can Vote Early by Mail

DEADLINES: Oct. 27 by 5 PM (mail-in ballot request) and Nov. 3 by 5 PM (ballot postmark or hand delivery)*

  • Vote as early as September. Absentee ballots will be mailed as early as September. To get yours, complete a request form and return it to your county board of elections (BOE) by hand, mail, email, fax, or secure online portal — forms and portal link available at
  • You can get help. A guardian or near relative can help you complete and sign your ballot request form. Another person can help if it is needed due to disability or inability to read and write. For details, visit
  • Only one witness is needed in 2020. One witness (like a spouse, friend, or neighbor) is required to observe you marking your ballot and to complete and sign the return envelope. To learn more about who qualifies as a witness,
  • Mail or hand-deliver your ballot. You can hand-deliver your completed absentee ballot to your county BOE office or an open
    early voting site, or return via mail using one Forever or 55-cent first-class stamp. Your near relative or guardian may assist with returning your ballot. More help can be requested from your county multi-partisan assistance team, just contact your BOE at

PRO-TIP: Don’t wait for deadlines. Request your mail-in ballot now and return it as soon as you can. If you change your mind, you can still vote in-person (see above).

*Election deadlines are subject to change. Visit for the latest information.

Got questions? Visit or call 888-OUR-VOTE (888-687-8683)