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Fast Facts/Talking About Proposed 2018 Constitutional Amendments

The Basics

The N.C. General Assembly approved six constitutional amendments to appear at the end of the 2018 General Election ballot. Each includes a short caption (“constitutional amendment”) and ballot language set by lawmakers. Voters will be asked to vote ‘FOR’ or ‘AGAINST’ each amendment.

If approved, these vague amendments would permanently change the N.C. Constitution, preventing future governors and legislatures from making changes alone. Current legislators would have a “blank check” to fill in the details of these constitutional changes after voters had voted.

Fast Facts/Talking About All Six Proposed 2018 Constitutional Amendments

Learn more about all six dishonest constitutional amendments on the ballot this fall and how to encourage others to "read the fine print."

Read the Fine Print

Print While the amendments might sound good at first, it’s important to dig deeper before you vote. These proposed constitutional amendments range from unnecessary to dangerous, with little known about the details, the costs, and how many North Carolinians will be discriminated against in the process. What we do know is that many of these proposals are ones we’ve seen before, including amendments that:

  • give the legislature unprecedented control over our elections and courts;
  • let legislators handpick judges who would rubber stamp their agenda;
  • allow lawmakers to discriminate against voters based on race for political gain; and
  • give permanent tax breaks to the rich and corporate interests at the expense of working families.

As a result, all five living North Carolina Governors and all six living N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justices — Republicans and Democrats — have opposed amendments, dozens of state and national experts and newspapers have already editorialized against them, and a grassroots movement is building statewide to defeat them.

We Deserve Better

Ask yourself: what issues matter most to me and my family? A good education? Access to healthcare? Basic needs? All of these amendments are at best a diversion from these issues and at worst a direct obstacle to our most pressing concerns. Whether you care about textbooks or roads, these amendments are a costly, unnecessary, and dishonest distraction from the real issues we face. 

We deserve better. A first step to getting what we want is defeating these amendments this fall.

It’s Our Turn

All voters have a chance to decide the fate of constitutional amendments this fall. Voting against the amendments not only sends a strong message that we deserve better, but also provides us with an opportunity to begin working for something better. It’s our turn to set the course for policies in our state and unite against efforts to hurt North Carolinians.

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