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2019 Wallet Card for Voting

VOTE IN 2019

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Know before You Go

Municipal Elections. Most cities have elections this year. Winners oversee police, city services, and have power to affect your life.

Special Elections. Some North Carolinians will vote on who represents them in Congress.

No ID is needed to vote for any election in 2019. You can register and vote at the same time only during early voting.

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Top 10 Rules for Voting in 2019

  1. ID Rules. You do not need to show an ID to vote in 2019 – except if you use same-day registration (see #5), or if you are a new voter in the county and your registration wasn’t fully verified. Then you’ll need to show a document listed in #5 or any current ID.
  2. Register. Forms can be found at libraries, high schools, or You must register again if you move or finish a felony sentence, including probation. Questions? Go to: register or call the elections board at (866) 522-4723.
  3. Absentee vote by mail. Any voter may do this. Follow instructions carefully. Latest rules at:
  4. Vote early to avoid last-minute problems. Look up and call your local elections board for early voting hours or locations at
  5. Same-day registration is available during early voting if you miss the regular deadline. Just fill out a form and show one of these with your name and address: utility bill, gov’t document, bank statement, or student ID + a school document showing your address.
  6. Assistance. A near family member may help you vote; voters with a disability or difficulty reading may get help from anyone (except their employer or union agent). You may vote curbside from
    your vehicle if you affirm you can’t enter the polls due to age or physical disability.
  7. Election Day polls are open 6:30am–7:30pm. Vote at your precinct’s poll, NOT an early voting location. For help, call 888-OUR-VOTE.
  8. Back-up plan. If you go to the wrong precinct on Election Day or have a problem voting, you have the right to vote with a provisional ballot and to learn if it counted. Ask for it!
  9. Special elections. There are special elections in two U.S. House districts in 2019 (Districts 3 and 9). Look up your voter record to see if you get to vote for Congress at
  10. Local elections. In addition to the two Congressional races, many cities in NC hold elections on different days this year. Learn about the candidates (and your voting schedule) at

Questions? Problems Voting?

Call our voter hotline at 888-OUR-VOTE (888-687-8683)

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