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Top 10 Ways to Help Voters in the 2022 Primary

Primary Elections matter.

Not only are they an important way to choose who ends up on your ballot in November, but they also set voters up for a successful General Election in other ways. Voters who vote in the Primary Election are more likely to show up again for the General. Identifying problems at the polls in the Primary makes us ready to address them before the General. Winning strong Early Voting plans for the Primary sets a precedent for more Early Voting options in the General.

See our TOP TEN WAYS you can help voters in the 2022 Primary below, and sign up today! 

#1 – Be a Vote Protector

Vote Protectors save votes. Our non-partisan Vote Protectors help thousands of voters across the state. Join the nation’s largest Election Protection program in monitoring voting sites and addressing voting problems in real time. Sign up for a training here, or learn more here

#2 – Request Voter Education Materials to Share

Are you a part of a local group or organization where you could pass out voter education information? Democracy NC has many high-quality, reliable, non-partisan print resources available to help voters this spring. Order your free copies in bulk here.

#3 – Be a #WeVote Coach

You can make the biggest impact with voters you know. Our experienced Regional Managing Organizers will guide you through the best strategies to make sure your friends and neighbors are ready to vote! Sign up for a training followed by regular check-ins here. 

#4 – Be an Elections Advocate

From ensuring good voting options before the election to making sure votes are counted fairly after the election, our Elections Advocates are essential to making sure every vote counts. Elections advocates attend and monitor local Elections Boards and work with Democracy NC’s advocacy team to prevent and address local voting issues. Learn more here!

#5 – reshare helpful voting info online

Democracy NC’s social media accounts are filled with helpful reminders about where and when to vote, the latest rule changes around voting, and more! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to stay up to date and reshare these reminders to help your friends and family keep up with the latest voting info as well!

#6 – Volunteer with the Voter Assistance Hotline

Our statewide voter assistance hotline (888-OUR-VOTE) is LIVE! If you’re a lawyer or have some familiarity with NC election law, help voters by answering questions about registering, casting ballots, and reporting voting problems. Learn more & sign up here!

#7 – Be a Faith Ambassador

We are looking for local leaders to engage voters in their faith communities across North Carolina. This coordinated effort is nonpartisan and has been supported by top leaders of the state’s major faith denominations for many years. You can learn more here or sign up here if you’re interested!

#8 – Volunteer in Your Community

Work with your Regional Managing Organizers and local partners across the state to make sure your communities know how they’ll be affected by campaigns and policies right where they live. See the latest events in your area here!

#9 – Do Virtual Phone & Text Banks

We know that calling and texting voters works to help get them to the polls!  We need you to make these important calls and send these texts! Contact your Regional Managing Organizer to ask about virtual phone banking and text banking. 

#10 – Stay Informed on the Latest Voting Rules

Check your own voter registration and find your sample ballot. Share important voting rules and deadlines with folks you know. See our one-stop shop for voting information at!

Advocates from our Central Piedmont region had a great time going around to their local small businesses and restaurants with pledges to vote and local voter guides.