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Democracy North Carolina is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to building a government truly “of the people, by the people and for the people,” seeking to strengthen our state’s democratic structures, build power among disenfranchised communities, and inspire confidence in a transformed political process that works for all.

We envision a state where

  • Our democratic structures and policies are a national model, ensuring voting access and fair representation for every North Carolinian— especially Black, brown, and low-wealth communities who are targets of voter suppression.
  • Existing and emerging community activists, leaders, coalitions, and partners work together to strategically build power and expand political participation.
  • Every person believes a true democracy is possible when we work together.

What we do

  • Objective research on voter needs and preferences, voting patterns, and policies around voting and elections— to ensure that our programs, advocacy, and voter education initiatives are evidence-based, voter-centered, and unbiased.
  • Organize and advocate to educate and inform voters, mobilize voter participation, protect voting rights, and challenge the influence of big money in politics.
  • Support marginalized populations, specifically Black and brown communities, women, young voters, rural voters, and others who are often discouraged from civic engagement.

How we do it

Educate voters with clear information on voting rights, options to cast their ballots, and related issues. To achieve this we produce and organize:

  • Non-partisan voter guides for federal, state, and local election candidates
  • Trainings, town halls, and regional meetings
  • A state-wide voter assistance hotline addressing voting issues in real-time
  • Collaborative digital media campaigns including a weekly podcast Built By Us

Mobilize people to vote through the following strategies

  • Partnering with faith-based communities and other advocacy groups to connect with voters at the local level
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to educate and engage voters
  • Supporting coalition partners and community leaders who advocate for voting rights

Protect access to voting through bold action

  • Advocating to legislators, election boards, and other bodies for fair access to the ballot
  • Identifying and challenging legislation that would restrict access to voting
  • Organizing at the county level for robust early voting systems
  • Deploying poll volunteers to assist voters and refer them to help if issues arise
“Be a champion “Of, By, and For” the people of North Carolina.”