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You can stop the latest attack on our state’s judiciary: 5 ways to act right now.

We were victorious in pushing back many legislative attacks on our courts during the N.C. General Assembly’s 2018 special session, including attempts to gerrymander our judicial voting districts statewide (House Bill 717), slash judicial terms (Senate Bill 698), and seize the ability to choose all judges themselves (legislative appointment under the so-called “purple plan”) — all of which would have undermined the independence of our courts.

Now lawmakers have placed these attacks on the ballot in the form of a proposed constitutional amendment that would give legislators more power to pick our judges for partisan gain.

Keep up the momentum with these steps:

STEP #1 

Get more information about judicial power grab constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2018, as part of a slate of six dishonest amendments designed to deceive voters to cement their control!


Pledge to vote against the judicial power grab amendment on the ballot in 2018. 


Use all you know to write an op-ed or letter in support of Fair Courts to  your local paper, like these North Carolinians did: 


Make a plan to vote AGAINST the judicial power grab amendment during Early Voting (Oct. 17-Nov. 3) or on Election Day (November 6). Find out more and get ready at


Know a councilperson or commissioner? Help your town, city, or county take a strong stand for fair courts by telling them to pass a resolution similar to those below:


Stop the Next Attack on Our Democracy

North Carolina isn't a political pizza to be sliced and diced by those in power — especially when it comes to our courts! Fight back: ✔︎ Pen an op-ed or letter in your local paper ✔︎ Encourage your lawmaker to do the right thing ✔︎ Join the thousands of people signing on to the fight for fair courts in 2018!